A weekend getaway checklist

A weekend getaway

Hello there!

We’re mid-September, the summer has slowly ended, but you can still plan a weekend getway around European cities (as there are less tourists and the autumnal weather is still nice).

What to pack for a short break? First of all, it’s better to take a large handbag as your carry-on luggage to avoid fees for hold baggage. The art of packing light for short trips is essential! Bringing a book to read while traveling is a necessity, at least for me, and I personally prefer thriller ones to keep me busy at the airport or on a train. If you liked Gone Girl, I recommend you The Girl On The Train (1). Then, regarding the clothes make sure to bring with you casual items as you’ll be walking around. Minimalist t-shirts are always a good idea, and you can find nice v-neck tops at Warehouse (2). And wearing an A-line jean skirt (3) will add a 60s’ vibe to the look. Don’t forget your makeup bag! Origins’ kisszing lip crayon (4) is easy to use if you’re always on-the-go. It effortlessly brings some colour on your lips. I also love the Superga sneakers (5) because they are comfortable. And I like to wear bucket bags (6) because you can bring so many things with you, like Hermione’s beaded handbag in Harry Potter ;)


Here’s a top 5 European cities to visit for a weekend trip:

  • Copenhagen

I’m fascinated by the Scandinavian countries. And my former Danish flatmates talked a lot about Copenhagen, which tickled my attention. There, everything seems beautiful, from the buildings to the people (haha).

Copenhagen, Danemark (source: tumblr.com)

  • Amsterdam

Am I talking about this city because of The Fault In Our Stars? No, I’ve always been attracted by Amsterdam and the city is on my wishlist for a long time. But it’s true that John Green’s book helped to the fame of this destination this past year (if you’re scrolling down on tumblr as a daily activity you know what I’m talking about). And Amsterdam is one of the most charming cities with its canals and its beautiful architecture.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (source: tumblr.com)

  • Edinburgh

Well, Edinburgh is one of my favorites. I spent two years there for my studies and I have such great memories! Its architecture is stunning, from the medieval tenements of the Old Town to the ultra-modern Scottish Parliament. And the people are the nicest.


Edinburgh, Scotland (photo taken by me)

  • Berlin

I’ve never been to Berlin, but this city is definitely on my traveling wishlist! In my mind this destination is the place to be if you love art, music, street style fashion… culture in general! And we all know that the Berlin’s nightlife is one of the best in the world.

Berlin, Germany (source: tumblr.com)

  • Rome

I visited Turin and Genoa, but I’ve never been to Rome! The Italian capital has a rich history and is a must-to-see city for culture and art lovers. And who doesn’t dream of eating some gelato on a walking tour in Rome?!

Rome, Italy (source: tumblr.com)


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